Why Choose CSCM?

At the Chicago School of Canine Massage, our goal is to provide students with the most comprehensive program available for canine massage therapy. A strong and wide-ranging curriculum is only part of what makes us so unique.


Students at CSCM have the opportunity to learn palpation and assessment skills as well as basic and advanced massage techniques while working with a wide variety of dogs. Our students learn from personal experience how to work with puppies and geriatric dogs, toy breeds and large breed dogs, canine athletes and couch potatoes, healthy dogs and dogs recovering from injury or illness. It is through hands-on experience that students develop "thinking fingers," the essential ability to intuitively understand what is going on in a dog's body.


Individual Attention and Mentoring

Additionally, we are committed to giving each student the individual attention and mentoring necessary to ensure that he or she succeeds in the classroom and beyond. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide range of knowledge and experience working with dogs. As a result, each student will bring different strengths and challenges to the program. We provide ongoing opportunities for students to obtain personal feedback and guidance from instructors, mentors, and fellow classmates. Individual attention and mentoring allow our students to achieve better understanding, higher proficiency, and greater success.


Affordable Tuition 

At CSCM, we believe that an excellent education can also be affordable. We are proud to be able to offer competitive tuition rates for an education that provides far more content, experience, and support to students than other existing programs.

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Canine Massage Therapy Program

As a reference, consider checking out NBCAAM's Guide on how to choose a canine massage therapy program that is right for you along with these questions to ask.

To view our 2017 Academic Catalog in PDF format, please click the following link.
2017 Catalog