What Sets CSCM Apart?

At the Chicago School of Canine Massage, our goal is to provide participants with the most comprehensive program available for canine massage therapy. Wide-ranging content and personalized experiences are only part of what makes us so unique.

How We Go Above and Beyond

CSCM students learn that canine massage encompasses much more than palpation skills and basic massage techniques.  Our highly trained instructors teach a multitude of touch techniques as well as clinical and advanced techniques not being taught in most other programs.  Additionally, we provide learning experiences in a variety of settings, including a rehabilitation clinic, a dog training facility, and a shelter.  This offers students the advantage of working with dogs that have a wide range of abilities and challenges.   

Our comprehensive program gives students a solid understanding of canine anatomy, the physiology of stress, breed specifics, handling techniques, and more.  We emphasize the importance of a team approach for dogs with special challenges.


Why Canine Communication Is Key

An experienced canine massage therapist understands that a large part of any treatment happens before he or she ever touches the dog.  The ability to “read” a dog’s body language and respond appropriately is an essential component in canine massage.  Because of this, CSCM’s programs include information on canine behavior and low-stress handling techniques.  Our program participants learn the essential elements of canine behavior and apply that knowledge in practical situations to develop a better understanding of how to approach and work with individual dogs.