Business Partners

Our programs would not be where they are without the support and partnership of some amazing businesses. 

The Anti-Cruelty Society is a open door shelter located in the City of Chicago whose mission is to provide compassionate care for any animal in need and attempt to find homes for every healthy or rehabilitatable dog or cat that comes their way. The Anti-Cruelty Society intervenes to prevent cruelty to animals, provides low cost  spaying/neutering, andpartners with the community to provide education on animal issues and inspire compassion and respect.

The Animal Care League is a limited admission shelter located Oak Park. They help homeless cats and dogs by providing them food, shelter, medical attention and love until they can find them a loving home. Students in the career training program as well as previous graduates help reduce stress in the animals housed at the Animal Care League by performing massage therapy.

As their name suggests, Integrative Pet Care integrates traditional and complementary veterinary methods for rehabilitation, holistic care, exercise and wellness. They can help your pet recover from injury or surgery, manage their pain and prevent future injury, help canine athletes with conditioning and offer a fun and affordable weight loss program for otherwise healthy pets. They also offer TCVM/Holistic consultations to pursue complementary and alternative therapies for chronic illness. Field trips to Integrative Pet Care and lectures by Dr. Ridley and other staff allow students to learn more about the various clients they may see for massage therapy.

Cortiva is a community of massage therapy schools that deliver high-quality health and wellness education with a focus on humanity. Cortiva's vision is to create a high standard of excellence in massage therapy education by establishing a benchmark of quality in training, techniques, standards and practices for the profession. We are proud to be working with Cortiva and offering continuing education classes for LMTs.


Rescue/Shelter Partners

We frequent animal shelters including Chicago Animal Care and Control and Animal Care League and partner with rescues who bring in their adoptable animals to practice hands-on techniques. This allows students to work with dogs of all breeds, temperaments, age and physical conditions.

If you represent or work with a shelter or rescue, please contact us for more information on fundraising opportunities with Chicago School of Canine Massage!


Bialy's Wellness Foundation was started in memory of a special needs pup named Bialy who was found with a broken back and stab wound at just 7 weeks of age. She was dealt a bad hand in life and needed special equipment, prolonged veterinary care, veterinary rehabilitation, behavior modification and training among other services to maintain her quality of life. Despite doing everything in our power to keep her healthy physically, mentally and emotionally Bialy passed away in June 2014.  Her legacy lives on through this foundation which provides families and rescues with special needs animals the equipment, medical care, rehabilitative therapy, training, resources and support necessary to optimize the quality of life of their wonderful animals.

The City of Chicago Commission on Animal Care and Control (CACC) enforces statutes to assure humane treatment of animals and control animals that are deemed a nuisance or danger to the public.

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We work with the Safe Humane Chicago program at Chicago Animal Care and Control. Safe Humane Chicago works to create safe and humane communities by inspiring positive relationships between people and animals. Safe Humane Chicago is a unique movement that trains and mentors community leaders to take the message of compassion towards animals to their own communities.