Acupressure & Massage

February 25-26, 2017

Learn how to combine the best of Eastern and Western bodywork in CSCM's 2-day Acupressure Massage class.  By integrating fundamental Swedish massage techniques and key acupressure points, pet parents and canine professionals alike can provide comfort, relaxation, and relief to the animals in their care.   In this hands-on class, participants will learn and practice the necessary skills for providing safe and effective acupressure massage, including palpation, proper massage technique, and correct location of acupressure points.  Additionally, participants will gain an understanding of which massage techniques and which acupressure points can be most beneficial for relaxation, calming, musculoskeletal issues, palliative care, and overall wellness. 

Auditing - $249 | Non-Auditing - $150

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