April Newsletter

Our Real Teachers

Here at CSCM we need as many canine instructors as possible to teach us the most important part of this work. Our focus is to work on dogs of all different personalities, health challenges, sizes, ages, etc., allowing our students to have a wide variety of learning experiences. We are willing to accept any pet into our teaching assistant program and since many are fosters, residues or have harrowing stories of survival, grit, and strength we like to showcase as many as we can.

In this newsletter we are showcasing Spud, who is an amazing representative of strength and will contained in such a little body!  When Spud was turned into the shelter he could barely walk and w hen he was adopted he had very little muscle in his hind legs and was overweight at 4.1 lbs. Spud had a tough time walking because of terrible arthritis throughout his body as well as luxating patella's, meaning his kneecaps tend to slip out of place. Every weekend Spud's family takes him to work out on an underwater treadmill to help rebuild his muscles and keep his heart healthy. The treadmill and good food helped Spud to loose the weight, and he is now a healthy 3.2 lbs. Due to Spud's sore hind end, his front end is compensating and working a lot harder. Massage is a wonderful option to help soothe Spud's overworked compensatory muscles and increase blood flow and nutrients to the muscles surrounding his joints. Spud can be a little nervous to start however patience, calming, and delicious treats make for a successful massage session! Spud is now living a wonderful life and is an ambassador for dogs like him that are left at the shelter, neglected, disabled, or overweight. Check out Spud's Facebook page here!

Graduate Corner 

Meet CSCM graduate and instructor, Jessie Walter!  Jessie is a seasoned canine massage therapist, graduating from the Chicago School of Canine Massage in 2011, and she represents CSCM as a lead therapist in our professional clinic. In addition, Jessie is a 2005 graduate of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, attuned Reiki Master, Certified Health Coach, owner/operator of The Diddy Club, a dog walking, boarding, and pet care company, creator of Diddy Dog Designs, sewing and embroidering custom bandanas, and she is currently studying to become a Certified Aromatherapist. Jessie has had years of teaching experience in the human massage world at Cortiva Institute. She has taught for CSCM in the past and we are very excited that she will be teaching again at future classes!

Congratulations to CSCM Level 2 Students

Congratulations to the CSCM Level 2 students who recently completed the hands on portion of the program! They have now moved on to complete their CSCM tests and case studies. It was a wonderful week and we are so proud of all of them and their commitment to becoming great canine massage therapists! From left to right we have Sara Ivetic, Lorraine Bartlett, Sue Gasso, Adena Hawkins, Carrie Kamka, Amy Montero, Lisa Wageman, CSCM Lead Instructor Denise Theobald, and Sue Bohr.


New Class for Pet Parents

Check out this new class for pet parents! Does your dog hate having her nails trimmed? Would you like to transform nail trimming from a stressful chore into a fun game for you and your dog? Then this is the class for you! In this 2-week workshop we will show you how to clicker train your dog to file her own front nails on a custom-made filing board that's yours to keep and use at home.

Dates: April 14th and April 21st from 7:30-8:30pm 
Location: CMC Oak Park, 805 N. Harlem Ave, Oak Park IL 60302 
Instructors: Sally Bushwaller, CPDT-KSA, CNWI and Amy Blum, CPDT-KSA
Click here to register!