November Newsletter

Demo Dogs of the Month

Meet demo dogs of the month, Tater Tot and Pixie! Tater Tot and Pixie are both adoptable through Perfect Pooches Adoption Agency. Help us find these girl's a home for the holidays!

Tater Tot is a 5-6 year old Chihuahua who was so obese when she arrived at the shelter she could barely hold herself up. Through several months of proper veterinary care, a healthy diet, water therapy, and exercises she has gone from 9.6 lbs to 5.7 lbs! The vet believes her rear legs were not formed properly from birth, which causes her some challenges when walking, and all that extra weight certainly didn't help. Tater Tot gets along great now, but will never walk normally. Due to the formation of her rear legs, Tater Tot is compensating by putting more weight on her front end. Massage is a wonderful modality for Tater Tot as it will help soothe her overworked compensatory muscles as well as increase overall circulation and help blood and oxygen get to the muscles, giving them the nutrients they need to grow stronger. Tater Tot is looking for a family who is dedicated to keeping the weight off of her and who will continue to work on building her muscles in her rear legs. For more information on Tater Tot, click here.

Pixie is a 7 year old friendly and inquisitive Chihuahua who loves to sit in people's lap and soak up all the attention she can get, and that's exactly what she did when she came to Chicago School of Canine Massage as a demo dog! Just because Pixie doesn't have any obvious challenges doesn't mean massage isn't beneficial for her as well. Massage will help Pixie maintain her general well-being and prevent degeneration of her healthy tissues. In addition, it can provide early detection of changes in her health. For more information on Pixie, click here.



Congratulations to CSCM Students!

Congratulations to the CSCM Level 1 students who completed the hands on portion of the program on November! We had a great group that included students who came all the way from Florida, North Carolina, Wyoming, and Canada! All of the students have now moved on to complete their CSCM tests, observation hours and case studies. It was a wonderful week and we are so proud of all of them and their commitment! 

Upcoming Events

Understanding the Physical Dog 101 
This workshop will introduce the basics of gait observation, structure and function while recognizing pain, dysfunction and behavior issues stemming from physical origin. We will discuss how to recognize stress and fear which inhibits learning and social behavior. In addition, we will demonstrate techniques that you can use to help your dog who has physical challenges and how to understand when it is necessary to consult your veterinary professional. Working spots are available for $50 and auditing spots are available for $25.

Instructors: Denise Theobald and Nancy Reyes
When: Wednesday, December 16 from 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Where: For Your K9 - 1975 Cornell Ave. Melrose Park, IL 60160

Click here to register.

CSCM Student Clinic
The Chicago School of Canine Massage Student Clinic is now open! The student clinic, a canine massage therapy clinic and outreach program sponsored by the Chicago School of Canine Massage (CSCM), is designed to give students and graduates the opportunity to use the skills they've learned in class in a real life setting. It is staffed and operated by students and graduates with supervision by one of CSCM's lead instructors. Instructors will be present to support students through the process of a professional canine massage session, which includes a client intake and initial evaluation, client interaction and communication, and a variety of massage techniques. The student clinic will provide students an avenue to utilize their talents while giving back to the community as each month CSCM will showcase a rescue or shelter partner to which all profits from the clinic will benefit. The cost of a one hour evaluation and session in the student clinic is $20.

When: Sunday, December 6 from 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Where: Integrative Pet Care - 2520 W. Armitage Ave. Chicago, IL 60647

Click here for more information.