Mentorship Starting Soon! One Spot Available

Mentorship: Advanced Canine Massage (May 1-24)

Our Mentorship is a unique one-on-one hands-on training program for students to learn in an intensive fashion! We have one spot available and enrollment is ending soon. 


The Advanced Canine Massage Mentorship Certification program is an intensive, hands-on curriculum that prepares students to work confidently, skillfully, and professionally as canine massage therapists. Students gain the knowledge, hands on ability and confidence to work in a variety of environments, including rehabilitation centers, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, training facilities, or private practice. Additionally, students will learn advanced techniques such as post myofascial techniques, post surgical edema management, lymphatic massage, transverse friction and trigger point therapy. Throughout the learning process, students have the opportunity to work with challenging dogs who have behavioral and physical conditions.

This program meets 6 full days a week from May 1 to May 24. The program includes hands on learning, observation hours, field trips and real life intern hours with shelter dogs, pet dogs and dogs in a rehabilitation setting. Facility locations include The Anti-Cruelty Society, The Animal Care League and Integrative Pet Care.

Mentorship students will have the opportunity to attend two exciting events. The Animal Care League will hold their annual 'Yappy Hour' event on May 17th at the Cheney Mansion in Oak Park. The Anti-Cruelty Society will hold their annual 'Bark in the Park' on May 21st. Bark in the Park is the Anti-Cruelty Society's biggest fundraiser and largest outdoor canine event in Chicago. Students will offer post event sports massage services for all 4 legged participants.  Both events are wonderful opportunities for students to work with many dogs in real time situation, while engaging with dogs and their pet parents.

Our Mentorship program enables unprecedented access to invaluable one-on-one instructor time with seasoned instructors. This program prepares students to sit for the NBCAAM (National Board of Animal Acupressure and Massage) canine massage board exam. Only serious students who can learn in an intensive fashion should apply.