Criteria in order for a dog to attend any Chicago School of Canine Massage class or program:

  • All dogs must be people friendly and not reactive to humans, noises, barking and large numbers of people

  • All dogs must be socialized and friendly with other dogs and not get aroused by their presence.

  • All dogs must have proof of current immunization and/or titer testing and generally healthy and capable of being in class all day without discomfort or fatigue.

  • All dogs must be able to be left alone either crated or tethered without pet parent and capable of being relaxed so that there are no disruptions to class activities. On field trip days, students dogs are not allowed in the shelter or rehabilitation facilities. Dogs are welcome to stay at the teaching facility during these times as long as they are able to handle being alone or in daycare.

  • All dogs must be have a basic skill set or pet parent must be able to control dog.

We will have a nearby area within the teaching facility dedicated for people bringing crates for their dogs to stay in. We recommend bringing a mat, blanket, crate and toys to keep your dogs busy when they are not being interacted with. We usually work with student dogs 1-2 hours per day. There will be times when we will not work with them at all as they need breaks from the work. We will also be working with other dogs from the facility as well as rescue animals. We will have plenty of breaks to walk dogs and provide short bouts of play. If you would like your dogs to get extra exercise your dogs are welcome to enter For Your K9's daycare program. For Your K9 provides an evaluation to match your dog for structured play groups and you can choose a half day or a full day. There is a an additional fee for daycare. Please check For Your K9’s website for pricing:

If your dog does not fit the above criteria or if they are shy, nervous or reactive dogs, we are willing to have them come to class but recommend that you have a family member bring them for short bouts instead of them staying all day.

If you and your dog meets the above criteria please fill out the following form. 


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