Alternative Modalities: Energy Work

Energy work can be a powerful alternative modality to add to your massage therapy sessions. When animals are stressed, sick or injured they are energetically imbalanced. Practitioners can offer the animal energetic support that can help relax, heal and rebalance the body. Energy work is an ideal complementary therapy to utilize when working with animals because it is non invasive, painless, goes to the issues that need it most, can deepen your intuition allowing for a deeper level of communication and can be given hands on or at a distance.

Animals are generally more receptive to energy work than humans because they naturally understand and respond to the energy without any preconceptions of what the energy is or will do. They do not anticipate receiving specific benefits or have any negative connotations to this non-invasive modality. As a result they are wide open and intuitively draw on the healing energy. 

Understanding that emotions and intention have the power to affect the physical body is an important concept to grasp when utilizing energy work. In order to have an effective energy session you must first ask permission. To do this, in your mind you can simply ask, "would you like to receive some energy work today?" Most of the time you will get the green light when you invite the dog into your space. If you read "NO" from the dog's body language when you ask permission they may not want to receive energy that session. Although most animals enjoy receiving energy work, just like your massage sessions make sure you give the animal the choice to participate. 

Always remember that the animal is in charge of the session and remove any expectations of specific outcomes. The positive, healing energy you give will go to the animal's highest and greatest good even if you are unaware of what that is. As a practitioner you are solely a conduit of the energy. 

Once permission is granted, make sure you stay present and mindful during the entire session and focus should be placed on your breathing and intention. Slow, deep breaths will begin to calm the nervous system and help you and the dog relax. Breathe in and out through your nose focusing your thoughts for the highest and greatest good of the animal you are with. 

Healing with energy can be done hands on or hands off. The animal you are working with will let you know what they prefer. If they come over and want you to work hands on, follow your intuition. There are no specific hand placements or techniques that need to be followed but always use a light touch. The animal will also let you know when they are finished with the session. Many will fall asleep or get up and walk away. When complete, thank the animal for their participation. 

Here are a few links to videos utilizing energy work (Reiki in particular).

Noli, 2-3 year old Maltese mix: extremely anxious dog, trust issues, bite record

This video clip had about 5 minutes cut off the beginning of her going back and forth from the door back to my hands.

Livy, 5 year old Pit mix: very friendly, was a bred many times, loved physical touch

This video clip shows how my hands are always offering but it is their decision to accept hands on energy work sessions. Livy LOVED touch, so she was constantly asking for my hands to be on her.