The Canine Massage Therapist: Why Do We Focus Only on the Dog?

Many animal massage programs across the country offer education in more than just canine massage.  In the same program, one can learn small animal massage, which includes massage for cats and dogs, or large animal massage, which includes massage for horses and farm animals.  At CSCM, we offer education that focuses only on the dog, and our choice is deliberate.    

Similar massage techniques are used in large and small animal massage, but how we approach and massage a dog is distinctly different from how we approach and massage a horse, a cat, or any other animal.  While animals may share some anatomical and physiological similarities, they are profoundly different when it comes to behavior characteristics, body language, and response to training.  Specializing in one species allows the therapist to understand the species more thoroughly and to work more effectively, safely, and respectfully with that species.   

Our goal at CSCM is to focus only on the dog because there is much to learn about our canine companions.  We believe that a competent canine massage therapist must have a thorough understanding of canine behavior, canine ethology, and breed characteristics.  Additionally, working with dogs requires an understanding of the structure and culture in which the domesticated dog lives.  Any program that aims to be comprehensive and to adequately address the unique characteristics of any animal should be focused on only that one animal, whether it’s the dog, the cat, or the horse.  As of today, we are proud to offer a program in canine massage that provides the most in-class hands-on instruction than any other canine massage therapy program in existence.

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